Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today has been great...NOT for one thing my birthday is tomorrow. I hate it so much it is nothing but a huge disappointment, and now a huge reminder. My loving caring friends have decided that They are going to havenota party, but a "get together" for me friday night! They just cannot leave well enough alone seriouslY! you would think that they would have gotten the picture by now. I DONT WANT TO CELEBRATE MYBIRTHDAY! I dont know how many times I have to say it or how many ways I have to put it to make them understand that it is not a happy day for me, It is not a day worth celebrating!

Secondly my brother, nice loving caring brother he is! I am going to beat the crap out of him! I cannot deal with him anymroe!!! I had to make up a test today and I told him and the triplets that I was going to take like thirty minutes to take it so they would have to wait for me, well before I even started the test he called me and was like where the fuck are you at, and I was like making up my gemometry test and hewas like liek I am not waiting out here all fucking day and so I wasl ike well I am going to hurry thereis nothing i can do I have to make up this test. Well the whole time I was taking the test he was calling me cussing me out and stuff and there were like three of my teachers ssitting in there and I was jusyt like what ever so Ijust wrote down answers for the whole test and of course failed it, because I couldnt even concentrate and all of the teachers could hear what he wassaying because he was yelling and shit. when IU got out to the car I was just trying to hurry because I was already late for work and as soon as I got in the car he started yelling calling me a stupid bitch and told me I was nothing but I piece of shit and telling me he would fuck my face up and all thisstuff and I was like oh my god what the hell did I do to you!!!! so when we stopped at the triplets for me to get my work clothes he got out of the car and was still cussing meout and stuff and I told him he was not riding with me talking like that. I am supposed to take him to work with me and thenbetty picks him up but he kept on and on so I left him there and went to work. Well while Iwas on myway to work he called mama and told her I left him, and she called yelling at me and shit and I told her I just couldnt handle him. Shecan't even handle him how am I supposed to. I do so much for him, my whole life revolves around him and autumn and he doesnt appreciate any of it. I don't need yet another person telling me how much of a piece of shit I am. I don't need to hear that shit especially not this week. It is already miserable enough without having to deal with that. Idon't knowwhat to do anymroe. I amsick of it.

NO ONE CARES HOW I AM FEELING ABOUT ANYTHING! it's all about everyone else. Ineed everyone to just give me a break just until next week. I just need abreak.

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Lila Elswick said...

Your brother needs some professional help. He should not be able to talk to you like that after all you do for him and your sister. His behavior is completely out of control and your mom needs to take control as a parent and get him the help that he needs to deal with his anger so he does not continue to take it out on you like this.